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Week 11

Posted by gkitten25, 09 September 2013 · 352 views

dianette differin
Hey, you will all be sick of my weekly updates.  I was going to wait and do one after three months of everything, but I'm just in the habbit of updating every week, plus I figure it will help me keep and eye on my progress.
So week 11 of dianette and week 10 of differin.  Things are continuing to improve, that's the only way I can describe it, my skin just feels more manageable and now it just seems to be improving every day.  I haven't had a new spot in over a week, the only one I have is that blocked pore/cyst on my upper left cheek, still not really going anywhere, although it's not raised, angry or sore, so I'm just going to keep doing what I am doing and since only really I can notice it, I'm going to forget about it and wait for it to sort itself out.  By no spots I mean not even a blocked pore, my chin feels and I think looks great, especially this last week, ten weeks ago I had sooo many of those closed comedones under the skin, like when I stretched the skin out they were literally all you could see!  I now honestly maybe have two or three? If I look really close, but I think even they are just drying out, and the redness is next to nothing now.  Ahh the red marks :(...going down though, quite a bit, the other day in mums she said you can hardly see them they now with your make up on and I didn't even have any make up on at all! Texture seems to be getting better too.  On Saturday night I was at party and with my makeup I couldn't see a mark on my face and it felt great, I'm still self concious though but I'm hoping with time that too will pass.
I am a bit nervous about stopping dianette, I have heard horror stories about acne returning.  I will be switching to another pill if my doctor decides to take me off it, I took dianette before about ten years ago for 12 months and then switched to Marvelon then Cilest and didn't have any major flare ups, maybe a few more whiteheads, but I am hoping that the differin will sort all that out. To be honest this major flare up happened after being off the pill for about 9/10 months, so maybe I need something to keep my hormones in check.
Anyway that's pretty much all I have to report back on.  Still loving my lactic acid cleanser, skin feels sooo soft and nourished afterwards and I think it works well with my differin too.  Also bought  new powder Chanel Lumiere matt, and so far no break out...although it had only been a few days so going to keep and eye on my skin, but it looks and feels lovely on and give a different range of coverage depending on how you apply it.
For anyone starting differin, give it a chance, I am really seeing the benefits of it, and I actually like applying it now as I know thinks will keep getting better.  Still get upset that things aren't perfect but now I feel like if I give it another three months who knows how much better it could look?
Again if anyone has any questions, happy to help.

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