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Oh Great!

Posted by spidergirl79, 16 June 2013 · 412 views

day 16 aaagh
Doing quite well on DKR until just one moment ago I rubbed my chin and lo! A freaking nodular pimple developed out of nowhere. I think its hormonal. Ugh. I kind of want to scream. I havent really had anything major since starting the regimen, just little tiny ones here and there. You probably think thats not so bad and you're right, but it gives you insight into my past history with acne.
I stated in my first journal that it started when I was 10 as forehead acne. I got teased for that. As I got older it spread away from my forehead and onto my cheeks and chin, where it has remained for the most part. I would get clusters of moderate cystic and nodular acne.
About 3 years ago, it started to improve and was generally mild to occasionally moderate.  Doing really well on the DKR, but really irritated by the nodular pimple that just popped up! :/

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