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Dryness Not So Bad

Posted by spidergirl79, 10 June 2013 · 428 views

day 10 regimen
I am 100% open to other peoples comments, thoughts, opinions and suggestions even if they are different from the DKR. (Dan Kern regimen) So far though, its working pretty good. That big-ass nodule thing on my chin has gone down a lot and formed whiteheads a long the way. When I squeezed the whitehead out it oozed out like hard string cheese, it was kind of gross. Hope it'll be totally gone in another 5 days or so. Its quite small and no longer hard. My chin tried to form two new bumps and succeeded in forming one small one. I also have a bump next to the corner of my mouth. I hate these ones the most, it makes me feel like I have some awful disease (I do its called acne) that is deadly and contagious. (I dont even know what.) It makes me feel unclean like its caused by drooling or food crusties or something. But its not. Its purely psycological.
So yeah there havent really been any serious breakouts. Just one on my chin and one on the corner of my mouth. I guess these will lessen over time.I'm sure youre thinking no big deal and you are fairly right but my acne when I was younger was actually moderate. I had both cystic and nodular acne. Its only since maybe the last 3 years its slowly improved to be more mild.

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