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24 years

Oh Great!

Posted by spidergirl79, 16 June 2013 · 413 views
day 16, aaagh
Doing quite well on DKR until just one moment ago I rubbed my chin and lo! A freaking nodular pimple developed out of nowhere. I think its hormonal. Ugh. I kind of want to scream. I havent really had anything major since starting the regimen, just little tiny ones here and there. You probably think thats not so bad and you're right, but it gives you insig...

Dryness Not So Bad

Posted by spidergirl79, 10 June 2013 · 456 views
day 10, regimen
I am 100% open to other peoples comments, thoughts, opinions and suggestions even if they are different from the DKR. (Dan Kern regimen) So far though, its working pretty good. That big-ass nodule thing on my chin has gone down a lot and formed whiteheads a long the way. When I squeezed the whitehead out it oozed out like hard string cheese, it was kind o...

Drier Than A Camels Armpit

Posted by spidergirl79, 06 June 2013 · 667 views
dry skin, day 6, regimen
I'm thinking I'll have to dilute the BP. Its drying my skin quite a bit. And I have to be careful not to get it in the eye area! Super sensitive skin man! Not like I get bumps there. Any one using 5% BP got suggestions? Do you dilute it? I cant stand to grease my face up with any more moisturizer or jojoba oil! The skin mites on my face are starting to se...

The Struggles Of Acne

Posted by spidergirl79, 05 June 2013 · 593 views
day 4, day 5, regimen
So the only new pimples I'm seeing is white heads in my nostril crevice (If its called that I dunno), You know, where the nostril meets the cheek. Those ones arent so bad because they can be quickly popped with minimal damage! Other than that NO NEW PIMPLES have formed since starting this regimen. By the way folks you need to be careful when spelling...

Giant Pores Anyone?

Posted by spidergirl79, 03 June 2013 · 632 views
giant pores, day 3, acne, regimen
Has anyone on the regimen or any regimen or product had ANY success whatsoever with shrinking their massive pores? I have huge pores on my cheeks (fortunately not my whole cheek) and I think they look just...well I dont like them. Please, if you've had any success let me know. Ive noticed since starting the regimen (day 3) my nose black heads are shr...

Day Two

Posted by spidergirl79, 02 June 2013 · 333 views
acne, regimen
Day 2! I did the regimen and I think I'm getting better at being super gentle. No new red bumps but I did get a white head form on my nose but I took care of that bastard quickly. I dont know why, I went from getting ZERO pimples on my nose to suddenly getting them there a  lot more often. Usually these nasty whiteheads. Or are they cysts? I dont kno...

Day One!

Posted by spidergirl79, 01 June 2013 · 578 views
acne, regimen, day 1
My journey with acne has lasted 24 years. I started getting little pimples in my forehead region when I was 10. It was really bad when I'd get one in the middle of my forehead in the fifth grade and the kids would say I had a "Hindu dot" (Actually its a Bindi but thats a fairly rude thing to say either way). Thus began a 24 year long battle of moderate ac...

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