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Yasmin Day #6

Posted by sorbet, 15 October 2013 · 667 views

yasmin breakout
I'm having a break out. I have around nine whiteheads on my chin that seem to have appeared overnight, and they're sore and red Posted Image Only three of them are medium/large though. And I have some still forming under my skin.
I'm thinking this is a hormonal breakout caused by the pill because I haven't broken out like this in months, I haven't changed anything else, and I have a whitehead on my jawline, which I hardly ever get. 
I'm going to be putting photos up so I can track my progress. Breakouts are pretty much only ever on my chin.
Yasmin Day #6


Don't sweat it too much. You are probably right and the new birth control is most likely the cause of your breakout. I had a similar experience when I started on a new pill. Anyway, just stick it out because I found that after the "initial" breakout goes away, I haven't broken out on my chin for awhile now. Consider yourself very lucky that you don't break out along the jawline or anywhere else. 

Good to hear other people have gone through the same thing! I think so too, my chin has healed nicely and I haven't broken out since so hopefully my skin will have some time to calm down before/if I breakout again. Thanks :)

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