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sorbet's journey to clear skin

Yasmin Day #75

Posted by sorbet, 14 December 2013 · 246 views

My skin has been so-so the past month. I have some days when I have no actives which is always nice, but I'm still having breakouts too. 
My back is pretty much clear, I just have some red marks left over.
My chest has one medium red mark on it at the moment and some smaller ones.
My neck is still breaking out, but healing more quickly. I brok...

Yasmin Day #31

Posted by sorbet, 10 November 2013 · 252 views
yasmin, pill
My chest is almost clear.
My back is better with very few spots.
My neck is better but still breaking out a bit.
My cheeks are clear.
The breakouts on my chin were a tiny bit less than usual and less painful this week.
I've had a few spots pop up along my jawline which I usually never got so I'm guessing these are hormonal.
I've had a few small spots arou...

Yasmin Day #16

Posted by sorbet, 25 October 2013 · 252 views
yasmin, diet
So since my last breakout I've pretty much been clear on my face, which was so nice! But then... I got extremely stressed about an exam and ate really badly for two days (ridiculous amounts of chocolate and some dairy, when I usually have none), which I think has brought on the breakout I'm having now. I've got about 3 active whiteheads and 5 pimples form...

Yasmin Day #6

Posted by sorbet, 15 October 2013 · 663 views
yasmin, breakout
I'm having a break out. I have around nine whiteheads on my chin that seem to have appeared overnight, and they're sore and red http://www.acne.org/...t/sad.png  Only three of them are medium/large though. And I have some still forming under my skin.
I'm thinking this is a hormonal breakout caused by the pill...

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