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Heal Your Face

Posted by honniee, in Tip 03 June 2013 · 743 views

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I remember when my face was just.... so unhealthy! After all the products I used my skin was just so red and flaky and unhealthy looking. Along with using the Jojoba Oil and Tea Tree Oil treatment I would also occasionally make a mask to heal my skin.
  • Beat up egg whites
  • drop some Tea Tree Oil in it
  • Slather it on to face
  • Leave it on for quite some time (it may feel itchy/redden your face but that is normal and temporary) After about 20-40 min wash it off. 
I would do this whenever I couldn't help it and squeezed some pimples. This really helps the healing process a lot faster. 
I would also do this on a somewhat regualr basis to heal my horrible skin. 
After your skin will be very smooth and moisturized - I recommend to everyone of ALL skin types.
Good luck everyone! Get get healthy :)

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