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Oily Skin Severe Acne Help

Posted by honniee, in Tip, Uncategorized 29 May 2013 · 1,264 views

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Heres something people with oily skin don't know. If your skin is very oily that means that it is compensating for something. 
So what's the solution? OIL.
Yes you read that right OIL!
My skin WAS super oily. Usually oil just builds up on my skin throughout the day. Until I started using Jojoba Oil (moisturize).
Overtime my skin started to produce less oil. Now it hardly produces any!
People with oily skin can attest to the fact that just because your skin is oily does not mean it is smooth or moisturized (at all).
Jojoba oil makes it so my skin doesn't have to compensate and produce excess oil. It is also extremely moisturizing and unclogs pores.
Use Tea Tree Oil to cure pimples* 
Expect to see a difference in a week. Expect for clear skin in a little bit over a month
Make sure to gently exfoliate a few times a week.
Use soap to wash your face (2x per day)
Apply Jojoba oil in the morning and night
Apply tea tree at night (morning for extra effect. It may burn a bit, and your face will temporarily be red)
GOOD LUCK! Let me know how this goes!

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