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Any One Livs In Minneapolis And Has A Good Derm..

Posted by hope27, 19 August 2014 · 173 views

ok I have a derm .. the problem is that she wont put me on Accutane . she does not prescribe it. what the hell. what derm wont prescribe it..      mad ... sad ... depressed... im allergic to anti biotics... creams really don't do much .....  need help ....

Acne Gets Worst In Hot Weather

Posted by hope27, 01 September 2013 · 588 views

has anyone notice their skin getting worst in hot weather???? .. I live in Minneapolis the past two weeks its been so hot and humid my skin went crazy. thank god that today the weather just got cooler ...  I notice this happening every time the weather gets hot . yet again when it gets hot in Minneapolis it also gets really humid ..  its good th...

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