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End Of Month 1

Posted by lv623, 14 June 2013 · 638 views

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Went to see my doctor yesterday for the first time since I started Absorica. He was pretty pleased with the results so far (as am I)! He bumped me up to 40mg a daily (two pills) so we'll have to see whether the side effects continue to be minimal, or if they increase. 
On a side note, one week left of teaching before the summer!!! I hope it goes fast. Posted Image
Also, I added some pictures of my current results in the gallery section. Please  feel free ask any questions you might have! I've been finding that it's hard for anyone who's not going through this process to truly understand how it feels, which can often be extremely frustrating. For example, when we're running out to the store and I need that extra 5-10 minutes to do my makeup and my boyfriend nags me about how "no one is going to see me" yet I still feel the need to put makeup on for my own well being. Any else get that at home?  Posted Image

Hey! I am on day three of accutane and seem to be doing put pretty well on it so far. I am on 20 mg. I totally get where you are coming from with the whole not being able to leave your house without makeup! I hate it but I feel more terrible without makeup in public! It i's definitely my security blanket.

Yeah it's definitely frustrating, but I've been able to leave the house without make up recently and I'm only on my my 5th week! Good luck with your treatment!!

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