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Advice For Accutane Newbies And Current Users

Posted by Catlover2012, 24 May 2013 · 717 views

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I just finished month 2 but I wanted to share some advice:
get lip balm (100% natural ingredients if you can)
get eye drops (mosturizing)
get some saline water spray for your nose
get a humidifier (unless you live by the ocean and there is lots of humidity)
Drinks toooooons of water
eat lots of fruits and vegetables, eat healthy, you don't want more crap on your liver
Don't do too many physical activities until you see how your body is responding (like heavy lifting, etc)
if you feel too dehydrated drink coconut water
My naturopath also recommended taking magnesium  600mg /day and L-cartinitine 1000mg/day  to help the muscles
Take fish oil (not cod liver which is high in vitamin A)
eat good fats like avocado, olive oil and flax seeds to avoid getting high cholesterol
Take Vitamin D, at least 1000 units/day
Use Cetaphil Cleanser
Mosturize with cetaphil or grapeseed oil
My naturopath also recommends detoxifying the liver and kidneys: unda 243 for the liver and unda 2 for the kidneys, 10 drops/twice a day. Some people take Milk thistle, but when I tried it it gave me diarreah so i prefered not to continue.
If you have some advice please contribute/comment.

I forgot to say I'm also taking Glucosamine 500 mg/day

I have been asking this question on multiple boards but should I even touch my skin meaning pop big cysts or bloodied bumps on my chest/back? I have it bad on my chest and I have heard not touching/popping/picking is the best thing to do. I'm on 80mg a day so I am really dry almost 2 full months in. 

no, you shouldn' t touch those. it's best to leave them alone unless they seem to have a head and are ready to be popped.

The problem is it's hard to see, you just kinda can feel on your skin if it's ready but ya I have been trying my best. Luckily i think I'm past the really painful drying stage where big bumps get hard. I can feel my skin starting to get less and less breakouts everyday but you're right the last week I haven't touched my skin (as much) and its had huge impacts so I will continue to do so. What do you suggest washing back and chest with? For me sometimes not using soap or any wash actually helps my skin rather than using something. Any suggestions?

Cetaphil is probably the best cleanser to use while on Accutane, or anything that is frangrance free for sensitive skin.


Just be patient, don't pick them, I did that and I ended up with a scar, a tiny one though

I think it's inevitable that I will have plenty of scarring but from now on I hope I can prevent future scars.