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Accutane 80Mg 23/male

Posted by mtallia, 21 May 2013 · 790 views

Hey guys so I figured I would start a log to learn more throughout this process and figure out some simple do's/don'ts while on Accutane. Just a background on me, I've suffered with acne all my life and it sucks I know. I took Accutane in high school and it somewhat worked but now I got so fed up throughout college with severe chest/back acne and big cysts around my neck as well. I'm lucky I don't have quite as many red spots on my face but when I do they're big. So I started an Accutane regimen at 80mg a day and lord knows I need it. It hurts to lay down my back acne is so bad and I'm constantly popping cysts all over my chest and back. Should I stop this and just allow my accutane to take its course? Or is it ok to release some pressure, I know I most likely will be scarred but I've seen some amazing success stories so I'm hoping this can not only clear up my face but especially my back/chest. It's been a while since I could walk around at a pool or public place with my shirt off. Please I invite you all to join in and help!

Oh BTW started my regimen March 28th so I should be on it for 6 months, I know month 2 is one of the hardest to get through so I invite any suggestions on anything to avoid or expect!

I've been on Accutane for four months now and this month I am starting on 80mg also. I would probably not pop my cysts because it might lead to scarring and it will just take longer for them to go away. Good luck!

I have read that popping pimples can spread the infection. Just an fyi

Even if they're huge painful cysts or yellowish postules? I think some can be popped appropriately but yeah I shouldnt touch the deep ones that hurt a lot when popped. It's hard but I will try my best not to!

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