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Posted by Anete, 11 May 2013 · 386 views

Hi to everyone!
"No one should suffer from Acne"!
I believe in this sentence. That is way I decidet to take Roaccutane!
Yesterday was my first day. I hope it will help me!

Based on what I've seen in terms of before and after pics, accutane does work.

Thats true!


Acctualy I registred here becouse I know how hurts Acne and I would love to hear some experiance from others and share my, especially related to Roaccutane!

Hello, I am about 5 months in. Feel free to have a look at my blog and gallery. 

Hey I'm on week 3 of roaccutane. Nothing has changed yet in terms of positive change. Just normal dry skin, constipation and fatigue. Good for you for starting the journey! I'm looking forward to having clear skin

I have read that first weeks after first Roaccutane  is possible that person may get have quite active  Ance, than it is used to be before! But by time (weeks, months) it calms down. Roaccutane begin his treatment , and  Acne become better and better!