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Hyper Pigmentation

Posted by S davina, 19 June 2013 · 519 views

Not only do we have acne, but we have these fucking red marks that stay on our faces after the acne is gone. My face would look much less severe if all my spots had dissapeared. To people who know noting about acne, hyper pigmentation looks like acne. Anyway I'm fucking pissed off and tired of looking at my face like this. My cheeks got sooo bad over the last 2 months that the scars will be unreal. Not only that I'm still breaking out so ill have more scars. Parts of my face that are clear don't even look clear because I'm full of red marks. This is fucking bullshit. Getting my ears cleaned today though. I hope that makes some improvement. Xox good luck with your acne y'all.

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