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Posted by S davina, 10 June 2013 · 520 views

So far topical treatments haven't been working. I'm breaking out on my cheeks now as well. They are healing but very very slowly... Today I picked up some Vitamin a and zinc supplements. I will update every week on how it's affecting my skin. I'm still using sulfar based products on my face. So maybe adding the supplements in my regime will help. Has anyone tried vitamin a and zinc supplements ? Tell me your story if you have. Have a good day ! xo

Oddly enough I have tried vitamin A. I used to take tons of it when my insurance lapsed and I couldn't get proper medications. I think Vitamin A plays a role in skin health and is a good compliment to other medications. It definitely seemed to reduce oil. I have extremely oily skin, hence breakouts that are severe without treatment.

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