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Second Week

Posted by justwannabebeautiful, 14 May 2013 · 430 views

otc bcp hormonal acne
I've finished my second week on Ortho Tri Cyclen (the light blue ones and I'm three dark blue pills into my third week) and I have noticed a couple things. I've definitely put on some weight [:( ], but idk I seem to look a little curvier which I kind of like. I have a couple whiteheads around my chin, which aren't really too bad. HOWEVER, I have a huge, painful, cyst under my bottom lip and it's just horrid. I have a second cyst on my jaw, but it's not as painful nor as big as the one under my bottom lip. I'm hoping that it will go away soon just because it hurts and it's kind of flakey. 
Other than that, my skin is okay. I used to break out on my cheeks a lot, but that has stopped and I guess moved to my mouth, chin, and jaw area. Looking forward to finishing this first packet!

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