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Day 3 On "the Regimen"

Posted by smsm, 02 May 2013 · 467 views

so i was feeling guilty about wearing makeup...I WISH I DIDN'T!! foundation started to cake and flake !i looked horrible i couldn't look anybody in the eye :( 

confidence = zero

i think my skin is experiencing the so called "hardening effect" 
i have no new pimples and the old ones are still there,but my face is red and swelled ...

patience ...patience...patience....

thats all you can do. You're clearing up so that's progress!  You haven't seen the last of your acne so be prepared but at least you're taking steps in the right direction.


I'm cheering you on girl.  Also, i do the makeup free thing so don't feel as if you're alone if you do it too.  If anything, progress may be a little faster.

thankssss <3

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