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My 14 Year Old Daughter's Accutane Journey

Posted by smjour, 24 May 2013 · 692 views

Hi Everyone,
  I wanted to start this blog to help mom's like me try to make the decision about having your child use accutane.  My 13 year old daughter had moderate acne on her face, back and chest.  After three different antibiotics and several topical medications and A LOT of research we decided to go the accutane route.   My daughter started taking accutane almost 2 months ago. The first month she was on 20mg a day(10mg in the morning and 10mg at night) On this dose she had very minimal side effects which included dry eyes, and mildly dry skin and lips. She also complained of a little back pain and she didn't have much of an appetite. All of her symptoms were managed easily by drinking lots and lots of water, eye drops and applying moisterizer in the morning and night and lots of chap stick. She did not have a very bad initial breakout at all, in fact her skin looked a lot better by the end of the month. 
 Her doctor upped her dosage to 40mg (20 in morning and 20 at night) for the second month.  Her symptoms didn't get any worse except she did get a little bit more active pimples on week 6 on her chest and forehead.  Her lips did get a lot dryer but managed by using more chapstick. She also complained about her back a little bit more but it wasn't so bad that she couldn't continue doing her normal activities( dance and gymnastics). In less than a week she will have completed 2 months of her course.  All I can say is so far so good.   

I haven't had any bad side effects on Accutane so far and since being on it I feel so much better about myself and my appearance. For her lips I would buy aquaphor healing ointment. I put it all over my lips at night and it really helps keep them moisturized. In the day I use medicated Blistex which is the only lip balm I've found that keeps my lips moisturized during the day! Good luck to your daughter!

Thanks... she does actually use the aquaphor healing ointment on her lips at night.  I am glad to hear that you are having a pretty positive experience being on accutane.  When I first looked into putting my daughter on it for her acne, I was scared to because of all the negative experiences people have had on it.  I can tell that my daughter feels so much better about herself and her appearance too. I started this blog so people could read about a good experience instead of all the negative. You should start one too!! People need to hear it for sure.   How many months have you been taking it Is206816?? What dose are you on?? Good luck to you too!!

many people have good experience when(during) they take accutane(including myself) but it is not always the case when you finish your course... it is worth reading though negative experiences which sometimes are life changing, and be prepared how you might go about dealing with them. Good luck to your daughter.

@londoncat8 are you taking accutane now or have you finished your course. Do you have any residual side effects now??

Month 4 and things are looking great for my daughter.  Last week she did have a few new actives pop up on her forehead.  But they went away very quickly.  When she does get a new break out she has been using neosporin and it really helps to clear the pimples quickly.  I had read someones post on here that recomended using it.  It seems to work.

Her dry eyes seem to be better also.  And the headaches she was having are also better.  She is still complaining about some muscle aches but not any worse than they have been and is able to do all of her activities but does say it bothers her when she is laying down at night. 

Her doctor mentioned that  at the next appointment she will see how things are going and decide to either up her dose or keep her on the med for an extra month.  She said when all breakouts have stopped thats when she will know when to discontinue meds.  The breakouts have been very minimal and I am happy to say she never experienced a very bad IB.   I am still hoping things keep going well for her last couple of months. 

My daughter is into her 5th month of her course. I am very happy to say that her skin looks incredible!! Her back is completely clear and the scarring is already fading. Her forehead looks great too. She does have red marks still. She even feels comfortable going out without makeup! She feels so much better about herself and is a lot happier wearing her bathing suit this summer. She hasn't had a headache in a month as long as she stays hydrated. I can not stress enough that drinking water is so important. I have posted a before and after picture of her forehead in my gallery.

I just want to give everyone a final update.  My daughter is one full month off of her Accutane course!  She was on it a total of 5 1/2 months.  It was a very positive experience for her and she didn't have any major side effects at all.  Her side effects were dry lips and eyes and some mild back pain.  She never experienced an initial breakout at all.   She looks so good, her skin actually looks as smooth as porcelain and she feels so good about herself. Most of her scars have actually disappeared!! If anyone out there is questioning going on Accutane I highly encourage you to do it!!!  Just make sure you do some research about it and learn about what you are getting into.  I really hope others will have as positive experience as my daughter did.  It has literally changed her life.  Good luck to anyone who is starting Accutane if it goes as well for you, it will be something that you will never regret.   

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