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Nearly 1 Month!

Posted by claire297, 21 May 2013 · 722 views

So I had my doctors appointment today, everything went fine and I've been bumped up to 50 mg, but I don't have enough pills for the amount of days between now and my next appointment (I had to extend my appointment because I'd be on holidays), so I'll have to keep going with just using one 20mg/day for another two weeks, and then I'll have enough to use 2 x 20mg and 1 10mg every day!
My skin is looking ok I suppose, no major improvements or worsenings, but yesterday it was really weird...I took off my makeup and there were two little pustules together (which had been hurting me all day) and my skin was so red and swollen all around the spots! The spots burst (I know ew) and then it just got redder and redder...I had a huge red blotch on my cheek (about 3cms across) and I was afraid it was turning into one of those huge cysts, it really did look like it would! Luckily the swelling's gone down quite a bit and the doctor prescribed me a cream for the infection...I've never had spots like that before Posted Image
But everything's going fine, I know that nothing too dramatic will happen until I start my 50mg dose!
Hope everyone else's accutane course is going well Posted Image

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