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treacle's pre-wedding roaccutane journey

Day 7

Posted by treacle, 26 April 2013 · 476 views

Things are going pretty well! I've had a few weird dreams, but I've been sleeping like a baby. The best sleep ever. Skin wise, I've been drying out a little, but not a lot. I actually started really looking at my skin and its characteristics, and realised that it's actually dry and flaky, but very oily on top. I read somewhere that it could be t...

Day 1

Posted by treacle, 20 April 2013 · 251 views

Took my first 20mg tablet yesterday at around 8pm. Dinner is my biggest meal, and I have it at pretty much the same time daily. Breakfast and lunch can be any time, and are usually not very substantial! Didn't feel tired after I took it, like I'd read in a few places. And no real changes this morning (ie - I still woke up with the same amount of oil...


Posted by treacle, 19 April 2013 · 495 views

I've only really struggled with bad skin since hitting my 20s. I never really realised how bad it was until I went on a work party and applied some heavy make-up. A colleague mentioned that he'd never seen me wearing make-up before... even though I wore it every single day. Clearly, my skin was so bad, that even with make-up on it looked as though I...

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