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Questions On Getting Rid Of Pimples!

Posted by Bluefire62, 18 April 2013 · 677 views

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Hey guys. Ive been having serious acne outbreaks for the past year. Whatever I'm doing there not going away. I mean this type of acne looks horrible on my face. I have i think blackheads all over my cheeks and jawline. They look like little tiny dark spots. I also have pimples near the two sides of my nose. I hate them and I really want to get rid of them. Ive been using neutrogena's oil free facial scrub, then right after i wash it off I apply another one of Neutrogenas acne cleansers two times  a day. PLEASE HELP.

Go to a dermatologist should be your first step. Once you clear that hurdle you begin using the trusted cures: ie...benzaclin or duac, amoxicillin, cephalexin, retin-a or differin, topical clindamycin..etc...etc...

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