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Day 1

Posted by ccw98, 16 April 2013 · 610 views

accutane oily scar redness starting advice
Day 1: Just picked up first prescription (30 pills) at the pharmacy. Not name brand. Came home, took first- big- pill at 5:30 pm on empty  stomach. Not sure dosage, will check later. Previously been prescribed on 10% BP once a day in the morning and topical isotretinoin once a day at night. Okay results over about 2 or 3. Scarring is my main problem, especially on cheeks ; everything always scars regardless. Topical iso reduced the size and darkness/redness of them a little but definitely did not make them disappear. No big pimples or acne, but I have recently broken out in little bumps on the sides of face and around nose. Some pics attached of my skin on the first day of Accutane. I have very oil skin, gets lot of sun, etc. 
Any advice will always be appreciated.

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it is not good take accutane on empty stomach. Take it with food. It will absorb better if taken with meals. good luck!

Agreed with the above poster.  It needs to be taken with fat or else your body won't absorb much of it.  Think a glass of milk or a meal that has oil in it (olive oil for example).  Also, your cleanser and moisturizer should not be medicated as accutane WILL dry out your skin and using harsh products will hurt it.  I'm surprised your derm did not explain this to you


Good Luck!

Thanks! I thought the same, but the pharmacy said to try it on an empty, which surprised me. Nevertheless, I obeyed, but I'm glad to hear confirmations of my suspicions.


And I have stopped using the topical isotretinoin and the BP. Now I just take some non-medicated gentle Cetaphil facial cleanser twice a day, along with Accutane, obviously.

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