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Acne Race

Day 4

Posted by Summerstar, 16 April 2013 · 698 views
acne, race, story, high school and 4 more...
Hello People of the World!, I’m back, sorry about the delay. So today is day 4 for the Epiduo, and I am starting to notice some changes. My T-Zone started breaking out and my right cheek is breaking out with large zits. Also where my glasses rub on the bridge of my nose, I had one or two zits that were still under the skin, now I have three HUG...

Day 1 The Story

Posted by Summerstar, 13 April 2013 · 610 views

Hello People of the World,                 I am Summerstar, and I am on a mission, a race, for perfect skin by high school. Stereotypical, right? Well, you would be trying your hardest too after years of premature acne.         ...

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