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Day 34

Posted by thcMC, 14 April 2013 · 521 views

accutane 2.5 mg 5mg tane lowdose low dose microdose micro dose isotretinoin
Allright, I promised myslelf to post regularly, so from now on, Im gonna post every other night.  And it would probably be a good idea to make my posts more organized or something like that : 

Day : 34 
Current Regimen :
Accutane 5mg (every other day) ,
Cetaphil washing lotion (morning & night)
BP(for 2 days and than I take 2 days break) 
AHA 10% every 3 days at night. 
Supplements : Multivit, Zinc (30mg/d), SawPalmetto(400mg/d)
Omega3(500mg/d)Acidophilus(1pill/d)Lecithin(1000mg/d),B5(500mg/d), B-50(complex)

Pics  (they're from day 32 when I started using BP once again..it's wierd but the redness I experience and oliness are hard to see on these pics , probably because of the camera...dunno :D)  :

I've ordered some Generic Accutane which should be delivered by the end of April, that's when I'm planning to start taking 5mg/d. Btw, I switched from taking 2,5 mg/d to 5mg every other day, and the first day I took the pill (5mg yesterday) I was expecting some lips dryness (greater than on 2,5mg/d) but I felt normal, without any extra dryness ..however , the BP I've used for 2 days made my skin kind of brownish , same old look as probably everybody gets when starting BP:))))
but , I must admit it's making wonders to existing pimples - as you can see on the photos I took (I started BP on thursday night, and pictures were taken on Saturday) It's really hard to see some pimples which is because BP dried them out immediately , and apart from that all face is kind of red/brown thats why you can't really see red spots and pimples.
As I said, I'm using BP right now because of the strange breakouts I do get ocassionaly, but the goal is to increase the dose of Accutane slightly and use BP sporadically, when finally , probably after 6 month of this low dose treatment , stop using BP. We'll see. 

Oh and , for those of you who are considering or just thinking about this low dose approach, you might wanna read this study that describes a small group of patients with seborhea and acne vulgaris. : 

Take care everybody and stay the course ;)


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