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This Is Just What I Do...

Posted by biancapaula, 31 May 2013 · 518 views

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This is what I do each day... and it seems to be working for me at the moment which is a nice change...
Before I set my face to the sun and place my feet in the grass...
-Wash face with warm then cold water
-Clindatech antibiotic topical thingy
-Bellaboo moisturiser
Afternoon dirt and pollution if need be...
-Witch hazel wipe
-Bellaboo moisturiser
The last glimpse of day...
-Wash face with warm then cold water
-Epiduo topical cream
-Bellaboo moisturiser
Throughout the day after food...
-Spiro 100mg 
-Dr Shulze's Ech+ Immune booster and I was taking Superfood 100 tablets too but ran out which is sucky...
ANYWAY! that's my day pretty much for meds and stuff... as you can see I cut out on the face washes cos they were just drying out my skin and irritating it because I have super dry skin anyway and just washing with water has helped that to settle down a wee bit and feels nicer anyway..... though before this I was using Obagi cleanser then changed onto the Bellaboo range cleanser/exfoliator (which I use super occasionally like once a week to deep clean the pores).

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