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Happy Days Bro's

Posted by biancapaula, 18 May 2013 · 578 views

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So, good news, my skin is clearing up! which is pretty much i'm sure what everyone on this site wants to experience and share... yay yay yay. Bloody hell man, and what a slog it was! Still got a bit to go what with clearing/healing up the red marks left behind from the acne but my face is so soft and smooth now! i'm hardly getting any new ones and they seem to be clearing up pretty quickly too so thank you aldactone/spiro meds for helping me get my confidence back and not being Roaccutane... fingers and toes crossed that I won't even have to cross that bridge now... it's amazing how much i just accept that my skin is better... like i don't even think about it that much really anymore, it just kinda is... like obviously I'm super duper hugely massively grateful but when it's bad all i did was dwell on it and constantly check on it.. now i just accept that it's healing and smoothing out so i let it alone a lot more.. could be also because I've been super busy and rushing all around the place which has kept my mind preoccupied, but whatever it is... it just seems normal now which is good but I think it's also hugely important to actually realise how far my skin has come and take time to appreciate what I've been through and thank goodness for the healing process.... 
At least now I'm like 90% sure that it was hormonal acne which takes away the stress of worrying what the hell is causing all the inflammation and breakouts! 
So keep on healing skin! boy is it good to touch my face and just feel smooth healing skin underneath! no more washing my face and having my hands slide over lumpy bumps... ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO EXCITED! and HAPPY!
and this will happen to YOU! who knows when... it is amazing how life seems monotonous or routine then like one day something happens that changes your life, it could be a person or a medicine or a thought or spoken word but every moment is different and holds infinite possibilities!
So Bro's, Keep it strong!


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