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Step One

Posted by StellaClaire, 07 April 2013 · 461 views

~I have stopped taking my acne medication (minocycline) because it annoyed me that I was putting chemicals into my body being an intense athlete.
~ From tomorrow on I am cutting all refined sugars out of my diet
*** I am lost with natural topical solutions, any help??

If you want to get rid of the infections on your face, take the antibiotics...but I recommend a change, forget about minocycline, try to get on amoxicillin...way less nauseating and way more effective...about ten dollars a bottle for one months treatment...I don't mean to sound condescending but I am 38 now and also an athlete and hated the "idea" of antibiotics and because of that I suffered for years with cystic acne...It is a serious skin disease and requires medical treatment...you were smart on the first point to have started taking an antibiotic..now you just need to follow through...Good luck!

Thanks for the advice! And I know medications sound great and all but the hidden truth is that with time (typically a year to four years) your body becomes immune to the antibiotic and the acne becomes more stubborn and unaffected by medicine. I'm not willing to take the risk

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