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" Your Skin Is Peeling " :o

Posted by Xoxodori24, 07 April 2013 · 525 views

I have dry skin from using tazorac and some times my skin peels. I get so embarrassed and then I get sad because I feel like people look at me ... But it's only  in my head. Like on Friday I went to track practice and I'm the captain so of course people have to look at me while I talk.  My best friend Told me i was peeling and im just like omg ahh omg noo .But I knew if I applied too much lotion I would just sweat it off , and it was HOT . Plus my stuff was in my coach's room and it was locked ( so I died on the inside ).So is there any lotions you guys can recommend for me that I can keep in my bag when I'm at school . Nothing fruity scented that will irritate my skin please .

When you put tazorac on your face put a face lotion on after it. Also since your running try using a SPF waterproof lotion specifically for use on your face and also for dports. You can easily find one at a drugstore. Just make sure they're from a well known brand. Also for face lotions they're never really scented so you don't need to worry about that.

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