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Month 2 Of Accutane

Posted by Daja19, 20 May 2013 · 949 views

accutane experience
As I'm about to begin my third month of Accutane, there has not been a significant change. When I went to the dermatologist a month ago, she said in the third month my skin should break out less to the extent of no new acne forming. As of right now, I have a few breakouts and the scars of old acne is not fading at all even a little bit. I'm hoping this third month will show a much more drastic change.
There are no new side effects. The backpain has come back and the dryness on my lips and my face has not disappeared (not expecting it to). My hair is still dryer than how it usually is which is nice for a change.(I also dyed my hair during this process and luckily no negative side effects occured). Since I live somewhere where the sun never stops shining, I have been careful with the sun exposure by using plenty of sunscreen. For the most part there hasn't been any negative reactions to being out in the sun. My face feels more of the heat and as a result I try to cover it to if I'm at the pool or beach. 
Other than that, I'm surprised and pretty happy that the journey so far is going great!

How severe is your case? I'm at 80mg a day and I have it pretty bad especially on chest/back. I'm almost 2 months in, just looking to learn what other people experienced.

Luckily it wasn't too sever. It was more so that the pimples were painful and huge and even after it passed, it would leave pretty visible scars. Looking at the month to month pictures I can now say it was worse than I thought. Do you know if the dosage will change as the acne does? But I hope it's working well for you! 

Well usually people get their dosage upped towards the end but I think I will be at this dosage for the while regimen which is what I need. I just really wanna hear advice from people who had it severe ya know? Learn what to expect and what not to do such as to avoid scars. But it seems like we are at the same time frame because I'm almost 2 months in as well and from what I've heard month 2/3 are the worst.

Yeah, same here! I guess if mine started at 80 MG than it was more severe than I thought. But hopefully once the 3rd month passes, it'll really improve for both of us. Are you experiencing any side effects aside from the dryness? I'm not sure if being at such a high dosage it's normal to not have any crazy side effects.

Well right now I'm starting to get some really bad pain associated with really dry skin on my back and especially with my cysts, so much that it hurts to turn some ways. But usually it goes away fast which is a really good thing, means its healing. I know my back an chest will be red for a while but that will improve. My face doesnt breakout nearly as much and when I pop one it really clears up super fast! I know this phase will pass and it will eventually stop breaking out all together, but I've also heard the real effects are seen completely after treatment. No bad side effects though just dry skin, chapped lips, dry eyes, not too much muscle pain which is good

I wasn't sure if the back pain was from accutane but now that you've mentioned that you've have it too I'm glad I got that clarified. Definitely keep me updated! 

It effects everyone different but I've decided I'm going to stop popping anything all together to avoid scarring. Just let it run its course and trust the process I think my constant picking/popping cysts is bad and I will regret it so for now I'm gonna have to deal with the pain.

I find myself about to pop it and then remember its probably the worst thing to do. I actually read that new skin is forming as this old one dries out so yeah try to avoid popping them too much. 

Just to give you an update, I'm almost starting month 3 and I'm seeing big results on my face already. Hardly any breakouts or big cyst like pimples on my neck or forehead. It's nice to see my face is finally making big improvements each day! As for my chest/back I think I'm over the breakout stage. They are getting dried out daily and I'm not in nearly as much pain as before. I've minimized picking and overall I just feel and look better. Month 3 should be a bigger month of improvement I hope but still a ways to go on my back/chest. Hope all is well for you!

So glad to hear you are seeing more improvement! I was wondering if the scarring from past pimples is still pretty evident? I take before and after pics and even though the pimples are minimizing the depth of the scar kind of blurrs the improvement.

I know I'm gonna have some scarring but I think for me its mostly redness not so much deep ice pick type scars. I really only have one noticeable one on my face which I plan on gettin laser after this is all done. But I think the big thing is jus getting redness to go away which will happen as I progress and I've heard people see a lot of results even after they go off it. Overall though I just feel better, not as many painful cysts of course I'm dry but things are generally getting better especially the amount of breakouts on my face because I really don't get any at all. I think the red spots are diminishing daily so that's encouraging.

I've definitely noticed the lack of new pimples forming as well. And if they do, they're gone by the next day. I'm not sure if female cosmetics is strong enough for male skin but try using Aveeno's Calming moisturizer (redness reducer). It really does reduce the redness!

I will definitely have to look into that! You guys are lucky you can wear makeup haha

What is the exact name of the moisturizer? 

Thank you so much, I've heard Aveeno is good and I need to get more consistent with my regimen so hopefully this can help. What about body wash?

I did too but it was always way too expensive but now with working on getting rid of acne, it's worth it. Do you find that the ones you use make it worse? I've been using Olay because it's also a good brand for skin (also not too expensive) but Aveeno or Neutrogena would probably be good as well. 

Well my skin is weird. Sometimes not even using anything helps it more than using wash on my face/body. But of course the right wash helps. As for my body most things irritate it so I avoid washing with anything which actually helps it believe it or not. But yeah I do need to find something, I don't mind dryness because my body really needs it to help rid the cystic stuff but overall its gotten slightly better. But thank you!

Oh, well if I hear or read about something that doesn't irritate skin as much I will definitely let you know!

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