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One Year Later............ (Lotsa Updates)

Posted by OMGmahface, 30 April 2014 · 444 views

etwo fraxel indented scars iope lotion sleep cyst picking
Its been about one year since i started my treatment! Lots to update everyone about. My skin is doing great, but not perfect! I do have some hyperpigmintation from the acne left over, but I don't really break out anymore :) Clear skin!..?
Skin Picking
After my 30 day picking challenge, I had no urge to pick anymore! Success! Lol but it doesnt mean i don't pick at all anymore. If i have a massive blackhead sticking out of my face, i will pick it. The only difference now is that I don't FIND unnecessary things on my face to pick at. The sight of blackheads don’t bother me anymore. I just pick what needs to be picked. Which is like one or two things every month.
Acne Meds.
I kept going with my acne meds till mid July. Then I kinda weaned myself off of the antibiotics. I continued the duac for another two months. Then I stopped all together. It cleared majority of my old acne, but once in a while I would get massive cysts. I figured out what the cause was: sleep and lotion.
Sleep and Lotion
The tiny pimples on my face were the products of an irregular sleep pattern. Once I started sleeping on a fairly normal schedule, the tiny ones popped up no mo! Now, the cyst…. I’ve used Iope face lotion for many years and never did I think it seeded my cystic pimples. Until one day, I ran out and had to live off of etude sample lotions for a month. I had no new cysts! Even on my period! Then I bought a new bottle of Iope, and BaBAM! Two cysts on my chin. I was like, “no way!” so I tried out this experiment again. Stopped using Iope, then started again after a month. The next day I got a cyst in between my brow right away. Yeah.. all these years, my trusted Iope lotion was poisoning me T_T Such betrayal! So I just gave it to my mom cuz she loves the lotion and bought a cheap moisturizing lotion from Etude for $8. This was about 5 months ago and since then I haven’t had a cystic pimple even on my period J
The horrible thing….
Is that I think all that pimple medication slowed down or stunted my collagen growth, so I am now left with lots of indented scars! No ice picks, but boxcars and rolling…. T_T And my skin tone is uneven. For the past 3 months, I’ve tried dermarolling with 1.5 needles. I do have to say that I see 10% improvement. Gave that up though.
My skin, although its gots them indented scars, sometimes, it don’t look so bad….. When I catch my reflection here and there, my skin seems permissible… but then other times, it looks like Ive got caves on my face -_-;; I was very shocked last week when I saw my reflection on the elevator door….. OMG wtf is wrong with my face I thought. So I decided it’s time to get some lasering done. I went to three different dermatologists and found the one I like. The first clinic I went to, they said I’d need subcision and fraxel…… five times. LOL no fuckin way was it that bad. They just want my money. Anyways, the clinic I ended up choosing was having a package event. (Oh btw, I live in Korea now so all this shit is hella cheap compared to the US). It was 1 fraxel laser, 2 eTwo lasers, 3 shots of this thing called a Baby Needle(?) which is suppose to help collagen growth, and 3 facials(?). Total cost was $1000. I’m getting my first eTwo lasering done next Friday…. Soooooo the span of this whole process will be about 2 months? Hahaha I’m excited and once this is done, I will update again. I am also taking progress pictures ;)

OMGmahface! Hi, long time no blog. I am glad your skin is doing great, I am concerned though that you stopped your medications. Remember, acne medications are a preventative measure. They do nothing for existing blemishes. Did your dermatologist advise you to stop using medications? I am deeply troubled by this. :(

HEY! yeah its been a really long time. Good to hear from you ;) haha

Thanks for the concern, but the solodyn was giving me really bad stomach aches which is why i ended up quiting without my derm's approval. Actually i havent even talked to my derm or any other derm since last year. I was really scared about my acne returning more furiously like i've read from other people, but so far so good. I've been using a more naturalistic and simple ritual for my face, eating way healthy than before, and exercising a bit everyday. I'm confident that it was good for me to quit the meds..... but who knows what will happen in the future D: Maybe i'm wrong. HAHAHA