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Updates 5/27

Posted by OMGmahface, 27 May 2013 · 693 views

skin picking dermaroller clindimycine benzol peroxide asian
Updates! Its been 20 days already? Well, I went about a week and a half without duac :( ran out, so my derm prescribed me the two meds separately. and WOW it burned my skin at first ( I think I used too much, too) definitely more potent than the expired sample duac haha. I broke out a bit during my non-duac days.... sigh, i'm guessing I cant get off this stuff. But it gave my skin time to heal so a lot of the old red marks are gone! My skin isn't perfect yet, but its working its way, I can tell!
I also dermarolled today! its been a long time.... I was wearing make up everyday the past 2 weeks so I knew it wouldn't be safe to dermaroll. I love the plumpness of my skin in the morning thanks to micro swelling :D
Also, I don't pick no mo! well, I accidentally scratched off one tiny one lol. but I don't have the urge to constantly stick my face in the mirror and pick. and as a result, my face looks better! maybe not up close hahahaha iono what im saying. im just happy to see the improvements!

That is so awesome! I use benzaclin which is =duac.. it burns my face too but the results are worth it. Ha ha. Look forward to clear skin cuz that's what's commin'!