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Update 5/7/13

Posted by OMGmahface, 07 May 2013 · 1,171 views

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Updates! My skin has been doing great and I've been picking less! I think I picked two times within the week.. and it was the same spot haha, didn't do much damage I've really kicked the habit of gluing myself to the mirror and  killing my skin. I just got a renewal on my minocycline prescription but my derm said that they ran out of duac samples! D: so I might be getting the BP and the clindamycin separately within the next week..... I cant wait for that!
As for pimples, I got one on my right cheek. I think its because I sleep on my side even though I change my pillow covers every day Dx whatever, its ok. My skin would still be considered to be clear of acne! The red marks on the other hand HAVE been lightening... but still there grrr.
I also finally bought that estee lauder double wear foundation. First time anything has matched my skin color! and good coverage too! however, it doesn't perfectly cover everything. The marks on my right lower cheek ends up looking a bit  blue under the foundation like a bruise. but the rest of my face looks perfect Posted Image not disappointed at all Posted Image happy happy joy joy

Hi, OMGMAHFACE (loveee that name lmao)


Glad to hear you are picking less and I use duac too in a way. I use benzaclin which is benzoyl peroxide mixed with clindamycin. I also have a tube of persagel benzoyl peroxide 10% on hand for when I run out of benzaclin which I do like four days before I can refill it. I also have two prescriptions for clindamycin 1. lotion 2. Gel, both 1% strength. I love acne meds because they soooo work over time. I am a former "picker" too. Reading your blog makes me feel less ashamed about my past. I don't pick anymore because I havent had a zit in like 8 months...but anywho good luck!!! Best rewards are ahead of you!