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Day 28

Posted by OMGmahface, 28 April 2013 · 616 views

csp dermatillomania skin picking bb cream dr. jart silver label black heads clogged pores
Day 28 - Same as yesterday, I had to wear full coverage make up so I ended up using my dr. jart bb cream. After I took it off, I had 8 more new clogged pores which I picked out. Got out 7 clean and easy and clear, but one of them I broke skin. Its gonna scab. Ugh. dr jart silver label u are horrible. It doesn't last that long either. it looks good for the first 2 hrs. and then it starts cracking. not flaking, but little tiny cracks everywhere, like a dry desert floor. I think my skin oil dissolves it or something. iono. Anyways, i'm thinking about just buying liquid foundation for my full coverage routine which only happens like twice a month lol.