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Day 17

Posted by OMGmahface, 17 April 2013 · 316 views

csp dermatillomania skin picking day
Day 17 - picked at two spots today. damn, and I was doing so well... but I needed some sort of relief. Life has been a bitch this week. I've also been only getting 4 hrs of sleep the past 5 days... which is why I think I got that pimple I mentioned in my last two blogs. Its most likely a cyst :'( I see the white head, but its too deep for me to get! ahhhh the horror of cysts. It hurts. Ive been drowning it in duac every morning and night, although I doubt that'll be much help since its expired duac :/ Im going to try and get good sleep from now on, so hopefully that'll help banish this ugly lump.