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Day 10

Posted by OMGmahface, 10 April 2013 · 469 views

csp dermatillomania skin picking days red marks
Day 10 - I picked at one spot this morning.. its cuz of my theory. I have this theory that a red mark won't fade if the infection (aka sebum, blackhead, whitehead, whatever) is still there. No matter how many years go by, if the infection is not removed (and usually it doesn't dissolve by itself :/) the redness will never go away!
Which forces me to pick it out by all means necessary >_<;; Maybe my theory makes me sound silly.. haha sorry
The spot I picked at today is a spot I picked at before unsuccessfully and caused it to scab. now that the scab has fallen, there is a red mark but the hard sebum is still stuck. So I attempted to get it out and I did! This time, the size of the wound isn't very big, but the redness is very bright :(
Its ok. better than two picks, right?
AND SOME GOOD NEWS! I've noticed my red marks have lightened up ever since I stopped picking at my skin like a crazy person :) I'd say by maybe 20%? also the fact that I have no more dark scabs on my face helps as well.
My face FEELS so healthy and good! no more painful pimples or crusty scabs! but it looks like a mess. at least this slight improvement is very encouraging :D

Focus on fighting the infections with anti-bacterial products and anti-biotics.

i should! but I think i'm just making up excuses to pick! haha