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Day 4

Posted by OMGmahface, 04 April 2013 · 534 views

csp dermatillomania skin picking day
UGH! my whole entry was deleted. Fuckin gateway sucks as balls.
Day 4- I don't wanna rewrite this whole thing again -_-;; So i'll just brief it
I picked at one spot in between my brow; I don't know what the damage is yet. I'll have to see tomorrow.
Either i'm crazy or the redness on the right side of my face got darker.... or the left side got lighter?
I also came across this thread
Bible verses to help stop picking!
It's so awesome! It really inspired me while I was reading it, so I bookmarked it haha
Im hoping it sticks.
Although I picked at one spot, it is still a success compared to before! now to work my way to picking at no spots :D