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Day 2

Posted by OMGmahface, 02 April 2013 · 369 views
csp, dermatillomaniac, face and 2 more...
Day 2 -It's only day 2, can't say I see much improvement I tried to resist the urge... but I picked at one spot. thankfully, I didn't do any damage! it was only for 5 sec... Big improvement :D I did eat very unhealthy today.. 3 chili dogs from weinershnitzle and ramen and pepsi..... I'm not too sure if diet is a contributing factor to my ac...

Day 1

Posted by OMGmahface, 01 April 2013 · 441 views
csp, dermatillomaniac, skin and 4 more...
So i'm starting this blog to hold me accountable for picking at my skin.I'm very good at disciplining myself when needed, but for some reason I can't stop picking at my skin! I tell myself "NO MORE PICKING" but 10 min later, I find myself in front of the mirror... touching my face for any bumps :'( and then pick pick pick.Hopefully, by writing this blog,...

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