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Day 38

Posted by bgh9080, 05 May 2013 · 659 views

amnesteem accutane dryness chapped lips
So, I was upped to 60mg by my dermatologist.
Good things happening now: 
Clear skin - face and back are both almost completely clear. Almost no active spots. 
Dryness - crazy, crazy dryness still. Lips are SOOOO chapped. Last week my cheeks were peeling pretty bad. My skin is literally just like falling off my lips in chunks. I know that's gross to say, but man...it's bad. 

omg! stick with it though...:)

Ugh - My dosage is getting increased today and I'm scared of the dryness and flaking :s I'm only going up to 40mgs, though, so fingers crossed it won't be too bad - so far, at 20mgs, I really haven't had any negative side effects to speak of! Wish that could continue, but suspect it's too good to be true... :(

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