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Levulan & The Caveman

Day 12- Post Levulan, Amid Caveman

Posted by Sillian, 09 April 2013 · 662 views
levulan, blu u, caveman
12 days later and haven't washed my face a day since. I am happy to report my acne issue as apparently been resolved. The only thing left over is scars and red marks from healing blemishes. Tiny zits come from time to time but they are gone as fast as they appear. My skin is mildly oily but not very noticeable. I am make-up free and not embarrassed in the...

Day 5 Levulan

Posted by Sillian, 01 April 2013 · 426 views

Whew! So excited when I woke up this morning! My complexion is really starting to clear up. I had only a few itty bitty zits that I would never had noticed had I not been looking so closely. The redness is less, the flakey is less noticable and I am happy to report that I have no new breakouts. The beast under my left eye is definitely healing fast,...

Day 4 Levulan

Posted by Sillian, 31 March 2013 · 744 views
levulan, blu u, laser, caveman
Today is the 4th day after my first Levulan treatment and I have a face full of flake... Sorta gross but I am still seeing improvment! The blemishes I mentioned in yesterday's post have since surfaced, relieved themselves and scabbed already. One of them felt like it was going to be one of those big stubborn pimples, not cystic but large and inflamme...

Day 3 Levulan

Posted by Sillian, 30 March 2013 · 810 views
levulan, blu u, light treatment and 3 more...
Day 3 and the redness has subsided. I woke up this morning with the majority of my skin a flakey, itchey mess. In the pictures from yesterday you can see on my left side that I had some bright red blemishes on my chin and along my jaw bone. But today, those have all mostly dried up and are just scabs now. I am fighting a serious urge to not pick at everyt...

Day 2 Levulan

Posted by Sillian, 29 March 2013 · 569 views

27 years old and still struggling with acne. I thought I had been saved, rescued by the Mirena IUD for two years. Not a spot on my face but then the IUD had to go and when it did the acne came back with a vengence. I feel as though I have attempted everything from washes to antibiotics, even quit washing my face for a week- not because I was making an att...

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