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From: Hyperpigmentation- Causes And Treatment?with Pictures.

Posted by aanabill, 22 June 2013 · 693 views


here are pictures of my hyperpigmentation.
picture : 
cheeks and forehead and jawline(starting from towards the lower cheek).around my nose sides and corners of lips.
they are for two-three reasons :
1)post accutane redness and pigmentation.cause due to side effect(dryness,cracked skin) of accutane.
it has subsided in 6-7 mnths but the tinge and some area of blackish/reddish pigmentation still remains.
pigmentation left thus : Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image
2)due to acne/zits/bumps etc.
spots left thus :Posted Image
3)i dnt know why but areas aroung the edges(specially corner) of my lips are darker and same goes for areas around the side edges of my nose.
darker areas:Posted Image
any idea why?
does anyone have similar issues?
can anybody suggest any solution ?
thank u in advance!

Source: Hyperpigmentation- Causes And Treatment?with Pictures.

Hey, i am assuming you are indian just like me, and sometime the acne we get leave dark marks right? After months of using clindamycin and nicotinamide gel, i saw that after the pimple went away i had dark mark which never used to happen in the past. I saw when i had pimple the skin around it wasn't even inflamed and no signs of dark mark but after the pimple went away i noticed that i had dark mark which has the same shape as i applied the gel. Exact shape, really so am sure that it's the gel that's causing this hyperpigmentation.

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