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My Words On Dead Skin/ph Of Skin,water & Products(From: Cant Shed Off Dead Skin Cells)

Posted by aanabill, 15 June 2013 · 519 views

dead skin cannot be removed just by washing with water.
that is if the rate at which upper layer should get removed is normal for u, it is okay.
but if u need exfoliation,just water wont give u that.
(dnt forget pH of water is 7 in general)
but moisture of ur skin is taken away(i am talking abt the external lipid layer) by pH imbalance and also warm water,harsh chemicals etc.
hot water(and that hot is) worse actually.
if u normally wash ur face with water(u know just splash water) the pH comes back to normal after a while(resilient action of ur skin) and also the healthy oily layer is brought back(if u r healthy,eat well and lead a good lifestyle - this is a trait u will have easily.its sign of healthy skin and body) but constant use of warm /hot water will rip the layer off and gradually ur skin may/may not lose the power to bounce back.
this ripped skin(within any protective layer of oil) is unhealthy and prone to problems.
there are posts on what the effects are,i'd suggest u go through those.
maintaining the basic pH OF SKIN which ranges from 4-6(average being 5.5) is best.
although they say exfoliators should have low pH but i feel even extremely low ones aint ideal.
i stick to a balanced pH wash and let my skin deal with the pH of water by itself.

visit source for complete discussion.
Source: Cant Shed Off Dead Skin Cells

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