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Ratio Of Omega-3-Fa : Omega-6-Fa Should Be Around 1:4(Legit Ratio According To Medical Councils Is 1:4; Opinions Vary From 1:1 To 1:5 Or 6)

Posted by aanabill, 11 June 2013 · 315 views

well.i've heard a nutritionist say so.on TV.
now,i've read blogs which says that its considered 4:1 in general.its considered healthy.
but some argue that  our ancestors had the ratio as 1:1 to 2:1
but no firm evidence for it.plus most thinks 1:1 is quite impossible in today life.
so aim for 4:1 ,its more than good.
the general ratio in most countries are around 8-12 : 1 to sometimes 20-50 :1
the only westernised country with 4:1 general ratio is probably japan.
i'll send u some links if u want.

plus its not like u dnt need omega 6 at all.

Source: Has Acne Stopped You From Your Goals?

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