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From: Need Serious Help With 'whatever-This-Is'!

Posted by aanabill, 26 May 2013 · 482 views

i get itchy raised red patches(almost like allergy ) ,which sometimes feels like red spread bumps or some other times its just a red skin area that itches..they remain for sometime and go away.
they generally tend to happen in similar or same places.like the middle area of forehead,near the eyebrows,around my nose or so.
i think they are fungal(many have suggested here that they might be fungal folliculitis)...i'm not sure as well.
since they go away by themselves almost everytime ,its difficult to visit a doctor and explain(show) them the exact problem.
i need serious help now.
because these has been for a long time now.
i've checked for gut fungal(through saliva test) and the water was as clear as ever.
i've also used 'scalpe'- anti-fungal/dandruff shampoo which had bothe ketoconazole and zinc pyrithine
i cant exactly say that that healed my issue.i am not very sure.
what amuses me is that they come and go all by themselves(although i use clindamycin etc on them but i'm quite sure it has no/little effect on getting rid of them within minutes )
sometimes i get a tiny bump or so around or on that place but the itchiness,the redness and the whole raised thingy goes away in maximum 10-15minutes .
also these doesnt happen everyday.sometimes in days or sometimes in weeks or months.
also,the intensity and degree varies now and then.
[attachment=49261:sudden raised bumps-red-itch(2).jpg] 
sudden raised bumps-red-itch.jpg
P1010326 (14-05-13).JPG
if u have any idea about what these might be please help me out with this.
i am seriously mad at what this is about.
its not acne ,obviously!
so i dont know what to do with them.
thank u in advance!

Source: Need Serious Help With 'whatever-This-Is'!

Try SAL3, an all natural salycilic/sulfer soap. Available only online (sal3.com), it is SO inexpensive, free shipping and one bar of soap lasts MONTHS! Use it only 1x a day every other day till 'rash' is gone, as it is very drying. Don't use a washcloth or any other manual or chemical exfo with or after using the soap. The sulfer will knock out the fungus & the salycilic acid will exfoliate the skin. I wouldn't use on't any other topicals for at least 10 hrs after washing (wash before bed, this soap is STINKY!)

u think its fungal?

Yes, the skin becomes irritated & begins to shed, but doesn't exfoliate itself properly or thoroughly. The patches of half-shed skin linger on the surface and the fungus makes a feast of it. The sulfur/salycilic combo packs the double punch needed to eliminate fungus & clear off the dead skin. My bf had the EXACT same skin condition as you have described & captured in the photos. He won't do anything about his skin other than use a bar of soap in the shower, so I replaced his Irish Spring with SAL3. He freaked out because it is smelly, but decided he didn't care about the smell after he looked in the mirror the next morning! He has been using the soap for 4 months and his skin is PERFECT. *works great for sebhorric (sp) dermatitis and follicular dermatitis.* Work soap into a good lather, use fingertips to rub in beard & eyebrows. He no longer has any ingrown hairs or itchy dandruff in his facial hair.
'aana'...are you in recovery?

well.,i dont have flaky skin or patchy skin.

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