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Vitamin Capsules For How Long?does It Have Any Bad Effect?

Posted by aanabill, 25 April 2013 · 730 views

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my dermatologist had prescribed me zevit capsules which has vit b complex + vit c and zinc suphate.
(i could add exact measures if needed) for 6 weeks.
after 6 weeks,i'd continued it for 10 more days.
i was wondering if i should continue taking it?
if yes,then for how long?
do u have any idea why just 6 weeks?
someone told me that vit capsules shouldn't be taken for too long...but i've never read anything like that on acne.org.
am not sure..a lil' confused actually!
they seem to help after all.
i  was clear without any active zit or acne(excpt for few tiny whiteheads ) but i suddenly broke out after using lemon juice on my face.
((i've added a word of caution for my frnds here.http://www.acne.org/...ionplease-note/))
what do u think?
(zinc sulphate monohydrate IP 41.4 mg(equivalent to 15 mg of elemental zinc)
it's got nicotinamide IP 100mg .how does that effect?
calcium panthothenate IP 50mg
folic acid 1500mcg
along with differnt vit  b and vit c.

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