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Accutane Day 1

Posted by jessthornberry, 02 April 2013 · 519 views

accutane day one
Hey guys! 
So, today is my FIRST DAY OF ACCUTANE! For the next month or so, I will be on 30mg once a day. As promised, here are the "before" pictures.

Day 1: Face

Day 1: Face

Day 1: Face Left Side

Day 1: Face Right Side

Honestly, this is kinda scary for me. I am so dependent on my foundation in public and especially in pictures. These pictures without makeup are the first I've taken in years. But, I am hopeful that when my treatment is done, I won't have to hide anymore :)
I have some questions for people who have taken Accutane. When does the dryness start (specifically lips)? Is it still okay to shave legs on the drug? I have heard that you should NEVER shave, so is it true? And is scarring really bad if you "pick your face"? Thank you!
1 day done, 6 months to go!

My dryness started right away and got worse over the next few weeks. The mistake I made was not moisturizing my face, skin, and lips right away and one morning I woke up with the sides of my lips cracked! It was super painful! I'm on my third month now and moisturizer and Chapstick are always with me! Seriously never leave the house without it! Also I shave my legs jut make sure to use shaving cream and be gentle. Go slow because it is super easy to get cuts on Accutane! For me the scarring isn't too bad but I've never gotten terrible scars from my acne I really only get red marks that fade. But seriously do not pick it will take forever for the scab to go away and your skin is super sensitive and easily cuts and scratches so you will most likely end up just scraping a chunk of your skin off or scratching your face. And I'm sorry that sounds gross but it happens all the time to me when I pick and then I regret it. And they actually clear up really far when you don't pick!

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