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Posted by Cassie Reannan, 12 April 2013 · 528 views
annoying, breakout
Hey guys, I am back.My skin has been annoying this past week and I don't know why. My acne is spreading up to my cheeks on one side and they're turning a little cystic. Grrr it's like I can never win! I am so tired of this.   

What Is This

Posted by Cassie Reannan, 02 April 2013 · 495 views
So I have some time to post about my acne. I have been very busy the last few days due to my nursing placement and my weight loss anniversary... I have to report that my skin has been pretty clear the past few days!! I have been eating absolute crap too. I don't know what I am doing right but it's something http://www.acne.org/...blic/style_e...

Day 2

Posted by Cassie Reannan, 28 March 2013 · 477 views
early days
Hey guys,Day 2 of the regimen. I use BP only at night (pea size amount) to my problem area which is my chin. I am starting to take 50mg of zinc everyday now, in conjunction with my multi-vitamin.Side effects so far:- Itchiness  - Dried older pimples- a new inflammed pimple on my cheek, but thats to be expected??   Today I had uni so I wore make up an...

I Bought Bp, Fingers Crossed.

Posted by Cassie Reannan, 27 March 2013 · 490 views
first time regimen
Hello again,Progress this morning. Went to the city and bought the cetaphil clear skin acne control kit for $25. Cetaphil Clear Skin Acne Control Kit is a complete kit that helps to fight acne. The three-step system contains a Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser, a Benzac AC 2.5% spot treatment gel, and a Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion.So yes, I am now starting the...

First Entry/intro

Posted by Cassie Reannan, 26 March 2013 · 591 views
Hey everyone,This is my first blog post. I will probably use this blog to track my acne and the products I use. So yes, let's get started with a little introduction about myself before I go into detail about my regime etc...I am 20 years old (turning 21) and I have struggled with acne since I was about 14 - 15. I grew up in a small town of about 5,000 peo...

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