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Anyone Else On Their Late 30's On Accutane?

Posted by Catlover2012, 25 April 2013 · 559 views

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I hope I'm not the only one on accutane who is 39! If anyone else I taking accutane in their late 30's or 40's I would like to connect.
Older skin is different than younger skin for many reasons. Man, I wish I had taken this thing in my twenties.

Not taken accutane, but I'm ... gulp... 44. It sucks to be concerned about pimples AND wrinkles! ;)

I'm 38 but not on accutane. My dermatologist said I am not a candidate for accutane because I have clear skin now that I use amoxicillin, benzaclin and tretinoin. However, I know what it feels like to be "older" and still have a "teenage" skin disorder. Pretty much sucks. I always thought I would outgrow acne, boy was I wrong. Anywho...hope accutane gives you the relief you are seeking.

Yes, I really hope my struggle will end soon. I also used benzaclin and tretinion. Retin A just gave me really huge red cysts. I took antibiotics too but they made my acne worse.

It's lonely having to go through this, I don't know anyone my age with acne. I just got tired of waiting for this to go away.

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