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Accutane: Time to shine like a f...diamond!

Stopping Accutane Today

Posted by Catlover2012, 20 June 2013 · 918 views
stop accutane, quit accutane and 1 more...
I decided I can't take these crazy pains anymore, my legs are sore, my shoulders, my heels, ......My derm and family doctor both said my blood test looks pretty good,.......they think it's ok for me to continue with 20 mg instead of 40 mg. But I read yesterday all the posts from other people and how some ended up with muscle damage and even ostheopor...

Going Back To 20 Mgs

Posted by Catlover2012, 18 June 2013 · 520 views
accutane 20 mg, accutane blog
Im so upset with myself for having these pains. My derm told me to go back to 20 Mg when I told her I could barely walk the other day. Some people  have told me to hang in there and deal with the pains.But I like to be active and couldn't even do yoga anymore because of the back and heel pain.I'm just hoping not to be on this for many months, I have to dr...

Heel And Feet Pain On Accutane

Posted by Catlover2012, 11 June 2013 · 797 views

Anyone else with heel/feet pain?It hurts to walk! I cleaned the house today and was going up and down stairs and it got worse.I'm gonna take Advil but I'm freaking out, I don't want muscle damage.If it continues ill have to reduce the dose to 20 mgs......, which I would hate since my skin is clear for the first time since I was 12!

Week 3 Of Month 3 On Accutane Photos Update

Posted by Catlover2012, 10 June 2013 · 806 views
accutane month 3, accutane blog
I'm finally not waking up with painful bumps on my face!  As you can see my acne wasn't terrible, but the kind of cysts I got were big and painful, sometimes the size of a penny! and even if I only had one or 2 at a time they ruined every aspect of my life. I just to walk around with scabs on my face since I couldn't stop picking my skin, they w...

Week 2 Month 3 On Accutane

Posted by Catlover2012, 29 May 2013 · 623 views
accutane month 3
So my skin is much better these days, no more itching or redness on my face, just dryness but it's not too bad. I only have a few tiny blackheads which are not going away for some reason,they have been ther since the beginning.I just feel tired, thirsty and now I have a headache that is not going away, I have been taking Advil for the last couple of days....

I Feel Like Quitting Accutane

Posted by Catlover2012, 29 April 2013 · 1,030 views
accutane blog, accutane at 39 and 1 more...
Today it's been on of the worst days since I started taking Accutane. I'm on day 39 and my skin is looking much worse than when I started, I can't take anymore all the redness and inflamation. it's like every tiny little blackhead have turned into big inflamed really painful and itchy pimples. I can't take anymore all the itching on my faceeeeeeeeeee...

Anyone Else On Their Late 30's On Accutane?

Posted by Catlover2012, 25 April 2013 · 558 views
accutane later thirties and 2 more...
I hope I'm not the only one on accutane who is 39! If anyone else I taking accutane in their late 30's or 40's I would like to connect. Older skin is different than younger skin for many reasons. Man, I wish I had taken this thing in my twenties.

Emma Stone On Accutane?

Posted by Catlover2012, 19 April 2013 · 1,732 views
emma stone accutane
I never ever imagined the girl with porcelain skin had used accutane, but apparently Emma stone said so in an interview: http://www.huffingto..._n_2258951.html  it's interesting that she said that she went off of it after only 2 months and now she has dry skin, lips and eyes. Maybe she took a really hig...

3 Weeks On Accutane Update

Posted by Catlover2012, 12 April 2013 · 521 views
accutane week 3, accutane and 1 more...
It's been 3 weeks for me already.  So far the side effects have been mild for me, just dry lips and some weird muscle pains, like behind my neck, in my legs, etc. I really wish I hadn't read all that negative stuff, every time I get a pain I wonder if it's the medication. I also noticed that my muscles don't recover as quickly if I exercise...

Eye Sensitivity While On Accutane

Posted by Catlover2012, 05 April 2013 · 422 views
eye sensitivity, accutane
Anyone else with eye sensitivity?? I feel like the the sunlight is seems brighter, also I have work to do on the computer, and it also seems brighter. My right eye feels it  bit more than the left. But I don't feel any eye dryness, just the sensitivity. what do do? I have a full day of work and I bothers me I work on the computer all d...

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