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How Acne Affects Our Self-Esteems

It took me an hour to get out of the house today .. It seems, that no matter what I do, I can't take focus of my scars and acne ..
Do you know the feeling?
If I JUST had perfect skin ... everything else seems to be fine .. my body is lean, I have a BMI of 17.5, but I have nice curves. I'm confident in my own body, I've been a croquis-model, recently. I have big brown eyes and hair, a great smile, lush lips..  I would not change anything .. EXCEPT from my horrible scars and my pimples .. sometimes I feel like a monster.
Do you know the feeling?
I feel ashamed for feeling this way .. I feel spoiled, ignorant .. I could be dying from hunger, my leg could be missing .. I'm embarresed ..
Do you know the feeling?
But I just can't get my mind of my disgusting face .. Looking at a girl, eating a pizza-slice, with glowing, acne-free skin ..
How does she have to get so lucky, I would never dare to eat that .. I envy her so much, so much.
Do you know the feeling?
Meeting my sister at a café, I complain about the acne-breakout on my cheek, and she try cheering me up by saying that it does not look that bad .. I wish I could believe her.. can't stop looking in the mirror when I go to the toilet ..
Do you know the feeling?
My boyfriend comes over, I wanted to suprise him with new lingerie, but I feel so darn ugly with this face .. When he sees me naked, I can only focus on how horrible my face must look like .. I cry while I'm watching a stupid program on TV, I feel so depressed.
Do you know the feeling ?

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