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Finally Found Something That Works For Me!

Posted by AdolescenceSucks, 15 March 2013 · 863 views

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Hello all! I have been struggling with acne since I was about 13, I'm 18 now, so 5 years. My acne has been Moderate - Severe. Strangely enough my facial acne is pretty mild. What I've struggled with is body acne. Lots of it. :( Sob stories aside, for the past 10 days I have been using Grisi sulfur soap with lanolin (I think?), as directed, every night before bed. Afterwards I use Hempz lotion, I believe I have the original one.  OH. MY. GOD. My prayers were finally answered. My body acne has cleared up 95%, and the other 5% is on it's way out. My acne scars/red marks are 60% gone, which I wasn't expecting at all. I'm so amazed. Maybe I'll finally be able to go swimming this summer! Fingers crossed!

I got my amazon package earlier today (Oh how I love Amazon). I bought Some Yogi Skin Detox tea (because I don't like the taste of their regular detox tea), Rainbow Light teen vitamins, Nutiva Hemp seed oil, and some exfoliating tools. I'll keep you updated on how the tea and vitamins go. I'm hoping they pull me to 100% clear.

Today I woke up with a few less blemishes, yay! I'm drinking my Yogi tea right now, it has a surprisingly pleasant smell and taste to it! :) Hopefully it actually works. I took my first multi right after breakfast! The size of the pills are pretty big, but I'm used to that after many years of "acne-miracle" supplements.

Hello everyone! I went out to breakfast today, without makeup! God it feels good! :)

Anyways I've noticed something quite irritating about these multivitamins, they cause an almost unquenchable thirst. I drank like, 5 or 6 glasses of water and 2 minutes later I was thirsty again. I was also peeing every 30 minutes. I don't have diabetes, I'm 100% sure it's caused my these vitamins. Maybe this will be beneficial though, because I usually only drank about 20oz of anything throughout the entire day, bad, I know, but I just couldn't force any more down. Maybe the consistent drinking and peeing with help keep my liver clean, sorry if that is TMI. I know in my particular case or acne, my digestion plays a huge role, on my skin both directly and indirectly through hormone imbalance. I just hope my body will adjust so I don't end up peeing my pants at work. LOL :D

Oh my goodness guys! I just used my Nutiva Organic Hemp Seed Oil as a moisturizer. Let me start off by saying it smells exactly like freshly cut grass, luckily I oddly enjoy that smell (not that I want to smell that way though lol). It is green, which is kind of cool. :) It seeps right into your skin and glides on easy. It has more of a baby oil consistency. Which I like, because shea butter was a pain in the ass. I hate waxy oils. Anyways I'm hoping this will be even more beneficial than my hempz lotion. :) I wish luck to all of you guys trying to find your cure. :) Goodnight!

I added some light exfoliation to my shower routine. I'm like 99% clear. Red marks are my problem. :) They are fading though, I'm probably going to go tanning a little bit, for a base tan so I don't burn in the sun this spring, and hopefully that will conceal some of the marks,

wow that is amazing the products work so fast!

Yes! It is! :)...

Bad news, I had a small breakout, on my back of course.

:( I just want it to go away.

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